[gdal-dev] Using TILE_SCHEME option converting GeoTIFF to GeoPackage

Gane R gane.prog at gmail.com
Thu May 12 03:43:46 PDT 2016

Hi all,

Here is a link to Geopackage sample name ERDC Whitehorse GeoPackage.gpkg

I tried like this

gdal_translate.exe -of GPKG "sample.tif" "sample.gpkg" -co *TILING_SCHEME*

I got only one zoom level in the output Geopackage, from the input GeoTIFF
here example sample.tif

*I want to know how do I convert a GeoTIFF to below mention tile Schemes I
tried, correct If I am wrong.*
I have gdal 2.1.0 pre-built binary with to see with the latest version.


2 GoogleCRS84Quad
3 GoogleMapsCompatible
4 InspireCRS84Quad
5 PseudoTMS_GlobalGeodetic
6 PseudoTMS_GlobalMercator

*I see there are 3 variations*
1. Tile Format: PNG, JPEG, WEBP
2. Tile Scheme:

   - GoogleCRS84Quad
   - GoogleMapsCompatible
   - InspireCRS84Quad
   - PseudoTMS_GlobalGeodetic
   - PseudoTMS_GlobalMercator

3. Projection parameter at gpkg_contents srs_id : epsg code

*Q2:Is that an raster tile may be in other EPSG code other than 3857 and
4326 Not clear when reading the Geopackage specification and is it
implemented in GDAL ?*
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