[gdal-dev] Using TILE_SCHEME option converting GeoTIFF to GeoPackage

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu May 12 04:16:09 PDT 2016

> Here is a link to Geopackage sample name ERDC Whitehorse GeoPackage.gpkg
> at
> https://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/63156
I'm not sure I understand what this has to do with your question.  It seems unrelated.

> I tried like this

> gdal_translate.exe -of GPKG "sample.tif" "sample.gpkg" -co TILING_SCHEME=PseudoTMS_GlobalMercator
> I got only one zoom level in the output Geopackage, from the input GeoTIFF here example sample.tif
That is expected. Use gdaladdo if you want overviews (zoom levels).

> Q1:
> I want to know how do I convert a GeoTIFF to below mention tile Schemes I tried, correct If I am wrong.
> I have gdal 2.1.0 pre-built binary with to see with the latest version.
You use the creation option that matches whatever you need. Tile scheme is not really  about creating overviews.

> Q2:
> Is that an raster tile may be in other EPSG code other than 3857 and 4326 Not clear when reading the Geopackage specification and is it implemented in GDAL ?
It can be in any SRS you want. The geopackage spec makes it clear that the tiles can use any SRS defined 
in gpkg_spatial_ref_sys, and gpkg_spatial_ref_sys can contain any EPSG code you want to add. It works
in GDAL,  just use -a_srs option to gdal_translate. Or reproject the source data - whatever works for you.


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