[gdal-dev] Creating multiple zooms in MBTiles generation

Gane R gane.prog at gmail.com
Fri May 13 05:24:38 PDT 2016


I was working with gdal 2.1.0, I was trying to convert a geopackage raster
to mbtiles, I used GDALCreateCopy to convert the dataset to mbtiles.

On http://www.gdal.org/frmt_mbtiles.html

I saw an example to use gdal_translate and then to use gdaladdo to

Q1: I got only one level of zoom level in the mbtiles. Is there any
creation option to say to generate mbtiles from a to b zooms ? or I have to
do by build overviews ???

Q2: I tried to convert the Geopackage ERDC_Whitehorse_GeoPackage.gpkg size
111 MB in Web Mercator EPSG:3857 from the url


(GeoPackage contains a raster tile pyramid that was created with free
imagery obtained from Geomatics Yukon and covers an approximately 30
square-kilometer area centered on the City of Whitehorse. It uses the Web
Mercator (EPSG:3857) coordinate reference system, 256x256 pixel tiles,
contains zoom levels 11-18, and is 110.8MB in size)

*The resulting mbtiles was to 621MB Is this due to default PNG zlevel
settings or any thing can be done on this ?*
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