[gdal-dev] Importing KML to Mysql with extended data fields

Shawn L shawn at rmrf.us
Thu May 26 06:52:08 PDT 2016


I'm trying to import a KML file that has a bunch of SimpleData fields
inside of  ExtendedData into mysql.

I've gotten the basic syntax down for importing the file, but I can't seem
to get the simpledata fileds to transfer over.

Here's an example.  I don't really need all the fields -- I'm only really
interested in storing the polygon and the GEOID10 field, but I can
manipulate the database to remove them later easily enough.

<SchemaData schemaUrl="#S_tl_2015_26_tabblock10_SSSSSSSS
<SimpleData name="STATEFP10">13</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="COUNTYFP10">131</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="TRACTCE10">970100</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="BLOCKCE10">1125</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="GEOID10">131319701001125</Simp
<SimpleData name="NAME10">Block 1125</SimpleData
<SimpleData name="MTFCC10">G5040</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="UR10">R</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="UACE10"></SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="UATYPE"></SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="FUNCSTAT10">S</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="ALAND10">9.67522e+06</SimpleDa
<SimpleData name="AWATER10">4866</SimpleData>
<SimpleData name="INTPTLAT10">+46.7776681</Simpl
<SimpleData name="INTPTLON10">-088.9520440</Simp
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