[gdal-dev] Wrongly identified SQLITE_BLOB as geomtry

Christian Urich christian.urich at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 04:50:42 PDT 2016

It is a spatialite database.

The data field is the SQLITE_BLOB that should not be recognised as

On 24 October 2016 at 10:42:21 pm, jratike80 (
jukka.rahkonen at maanmittauslaitos.fi) wrote:

How did you create the database? It is a spatial db for Spatialite as well
because it contains also field GEOMETRY which is registered in

DLL of the "timeseries" table is
CREATE TABLE 'timeseries' ( ogc_fid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, 'data' BLOB, 'end'
VARCHAR, 'start' VARCHAR, 'station_id' INTEGER, 'timestep' INTEGER, 'type'

Ogrinfo -al -so finds these attributes:

FID Column = ogc_fid
Geometry Column 1 = data
Geometry Column 2 = GEOMETRY
end: String (0.0)
start: String (0.0)
station_id: Integer (0.0)
timestep: Integer (0.0)
type: String (0.0)

If I drop column "GEOMETRY" with spatialite-gui which also removes the line
from geometry_columns the table is not more a spatial table for GDAL

ogrinfo binary_blob.sqlite -al -so
INFO: Open of `binary_blob.sqlite'
using driver `SQLite' successful.

Is your aim to have both the geometry and some blob fields? Is the problem
in here:
Geometry Column 1 = data
Geometry Column 2 = GEOMETRY

So, field "data" is somehow reported to be a geometry even it is not
registered in the geometry_columns. That does feel a bit odd.

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