[gdal-dev] GDAL Errors while building PostGIS extension?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Fri Oct 28 07:35:28 PDT 2016

sablok <sablok at amazon.com> writes:

> Indeed that is the problem, I am using GCC 4.9.2 to build postgis and its
> dependencies, however the version of libz that is present inside the
> postgresql's lib directory has been compiled with GCC 4.9.3 version. Can you
> let me know is that the real problem here and what are the consequences that
> this process entails of compiling against a library with different versions
> of GCC?

4.9.2 vs 4.9.3 is probably not it.

1) You still have not explained everythihng you are doing.

2) I think you need help about building software in general, not help
about gdal.  Perhaps you should try coworkers since you seem to be at a
large company.

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