[gdal-dev] splitting other_tags from .osm file

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Sat Oct 29 14:09:48 PDT 2016

Le samedi 29 octobre 2016 23:07:08, Djordje Spasic a écrit :
> Thank you for the useful replies both Even and Jukka!
> @Even Rouault:
> Let me see if I understood you:
> 1) If I would like a particular key (field) from the other_tags, I can name
> it in the osmconf.ini's "attributes=". Then once the OGR2OGR performs the
> conversion from .osm to .shp, that particular key(field) will be taken out
> from the other_tags, and presented among other regular keys (fields). 


> 2)
> But If I would like to get all keys (fields) from the other_tags, then I
> need to write a script which will split the other_tags string.

> If I go with the second option, then there is something I do not
> understand. Here is an other_tags string example for OSM Munich location:
> "addr:postcode"=>"80636","addr:street"=>"Marlene-Dietrich-Strasse"
> I understand that postcode and street are keys (fields). And that 80636 and
> Marlene-Dietrich-Strasse are their respective values. But what does the
> addr represent? Is this some sort of category of the key? And why do only
> keys in the other_tags have this subcategory label?
This is just OSM convention about tag names. For OGR purpose, foo, foo: 
foo:bar, :bar, ['$^%&~ are equivalent
To answere your question, yes I guess the prefix:name is a convention to give 
some namespace / context / category.
You could as well put addr:postcode as value in attribute=

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