[gdal-dev] removing dgn dgndump and dgnwritetest applications

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Wed Sep 7 09:43:36 PDT 2016

Le mercredi 07 septembre 2016 18:05:55, Kurt Schwehr a écrit :
> The OGR dgn directory has two binaries: dgndump and dgnwritetest.
> Any objections to me removing dgnwritetest?  It fails for me:
> ./dgnwritetest
> ERROR 4: Unable to open `seed.dgn' for read access.

I guess you need to copy data/seed_2d.dgn as seed.dgn in your current 

> DGNCreate failed.
> And what do people think about dgndump?  I'd prefer to remove it, but there
> might be users around.
> I've converted both to C++ and done a bit of cleanup.  They now build
> warning free on Ubuntu 14.04, but it would probably be best to just get rid
> of them.

I'm -0 on this. They might still be useful for people who would need to deal 
with DGN at low level and I'm not sure if they have higher level equivalents 
through the OGR driver (I didn't study them closely, just my gut feeling)


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