[gdal-dev] SQLite driver?

Joaquim Luis jluis at ualg.pt
Wed Sep 14 09:32:50 PDT 2016

Sorry Even that you are bombed with so many questions.

I have (re)build GDAL with sqlite and can confirm with The (Dependency)  
Walker that the sqlite3.dll is a gdal.dll dependency. However,

gdalinfo --formats

   Rasterlite -raster- (rws): Rasterlite
   SAFE -raster- (rov): Sentinel-1 SAR SAFE Product
   SAR_CEOS -raster- (rov): CEOS SAR Image
   SDTS -raster- (rov): SDTS Raster
   SENTINEL2 -raster- (rovs): Sentinel 2
   SGI -raster- (rw+): SGI Image File Format 1.0
   SRTMHGT -raster- (rwv): SRTMHGT File Format
   TIL -raster- (rov): EarthWatch .TIL

does not show the SQLite driver and indeed a program that I'm building  
that needs to link with GDAL (osmcoastline) crashes when it doesn't find  
that driver.



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