[gdal-dev] gdalwarp RCP issues between GDAL 2.1.0 and 2.1.3

Deschamps, Benjamin (AAFC/AAC) benjamin.deschamps at canada.ca
Fri Apr 21 08:58:11 PDT 2017


I've run into issues using gdalwarp for an RPC ortho. My input GeoTiff file contains the required information in the RPC metadata domain, and the command runs fine under the GDAL 2.1.0 command line utility (windows 7, 64-bit):

gdalwarp -multi -tap -et 0.0 -r cubic -srcnodata 0 -rpc -overwrite -to "RPC_DEM_INTERPOLATION=CUBIC" -to "RPC_DEM_MISSING_VALUE=0" -to "RPC_DEM=D:\Temp\bug_gdalwarp\DEM.tif" -tr 30 30 -t_srs "+proj=aea +lat_1=44.75 +lat_2=55.75 +lat_0=40 +lon_0=-96 +x_0=0 +y_0=0 +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs" D:\Temp\bug_gdalwarp\IMG.tif D:\Temp\bug_gdalwarp\IMG_ortho.tif

However, the same command and inputs fail under GDAL 2.1.3, without error messages, after getting to about 20% on the progress bar. It simply pops up the usual window saying "gdalwarp.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly"...

Strangely, it only crashes for some images, while some are OK. I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause.

I can make the input files available to specific people via Google Drive, please let me know.


Benjamin Deschamps

Physical Sciences Specialist - Geoinformatics, Science and Technology Branch
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada / Government of Canada
Benjamin.Deschamps at canada.ca / Tel: 613-715-5130 / TTY: 613-773-2600

Spécialiste des sciences physiques - Géoinformatique, Direction générale des sciences et de la technologie
Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
Benjamin.Deschamps at canada.ca / Tél. : 613-715-5130 / ATS : 613-773-2600

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