[gdal-dev] Call for discussion on RFC68: C++11 compilation mode

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Hi all,

just want to share with you that we've got the same discussion recently in the orfeo toolbox project and we finally decide to move directly to c++14 in the next release (6.2). It is a more recent standard with for sure less new features than in c++11 but yet useful. Moreover it does not change a lot the minimum compiler version (gcc min version is 4.9 I think for c++14).

Will be glad to exchange also with you on strategies, pro/cons to then modernize the code.

You can find more information about the discussion about c++11 vs c++14 and few experiments which have been made with clang-tidy for OTB in the following RFComments and RFChanges:



my 2 cents.



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Hi Tamas,

Unless I'm mistaken your gisinternals.com builds don't include MSVC 2015 currently. Right ? Do you have any plans to do so ? Currently the GDAL AppVeyor target uses SDKSs from gisinternals to do builds with a number of third-party libraries.



> This is a call for discussion on RFC68 to set C++11 to be the minimum C++

> language version for GDAL trunk. I've drafted the RFC based on work by

> Mateusz.


> https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/rfc68_cplusplus11


> There was initial discussions back in January of this year:


> https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2017-January/thread.html#45786


> Cheers,

> -kurt

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