[gdal-dev] Fwd: [OpenJPEG] OpenJPEG 2.2.0 is out ! Faster and safer.

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Tue Aug 15 11:55:50 PDT 2017


> Well, there might be some small change necessary. Apparently the
> configure script only checks path/include/openjpeg-2.0 and
> path/include/openjpeg-2.1 subdirectories for openjpeg.h, while my
> openjpeg is now in path/include/openjpeg-2.2 :
> configure: error: openjpeg.h not found in /usr/include/openjpeg-2.0 or
> /usr/include/openjpeg-2.1

Indeed. I actually only tested without rebuilding GDAL and just linking to the new lib... 
I just added support for it in GDAL trunk and branches/2.2 branch per


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