[gdal-dev] scidb (array db): Perhaps backend for WMS, WCS, WPS with gdal and mapserver

Markus Böhm boehm at geoinformationsdienst.de
Fri Feb 24 04:31:23 PST 2017

Dear list,

I hope this question is in the right place here. If not -- sorry.

We do some experiments with the community edition of scidb 
(http://www.paradigm4.com/), an array database founded by Michael 
Stonebraker. Scidb is often used with R und python. There are allready 
gdal drivers (https://github.com/appelmar/scidb4gdal) to load data into 

I think those drivers are mainly for import and export of data in/from 
scidb. I tried to use that gdal driver in mapserver to visualize an 
gdal-uploaded array. It works already but seems to be  slow. Maybe I am 
using it wrong but I suppose that this driver is not intended to perform 
well for example in mapserver.

Perhaps an enhanced scidb driver would be an interesting objective for 
gdal. Scidb seems to be great with arrays and mulitple dimensions can be 
worked with. In my opinion it would be quite interesting to have scidb 
as backend for WMS, WCS and WPS services that could be set up with 
mapserver and gdal. I think gdal would be the right tool to implement a 

Perhaps someone already thought about a combination of scidb, gdal and 



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