[gdal-dev] Question about GeoPackage and views

Rahkonen Jukka (MML) jukka.rahkonen at maanmittauslaitos.fi
Wed Nov 1 05:57:35 PDT 2017


I was reading the GeoPackage standard and only now read carefully the requirement 29

"A GeoPackage MAY contain tables or updateable views containing vector features. Every such
feature table or view in a GeoPackage SHALL have a column with column type INTEGER and
'PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT' column constraints"

Should I really read this so that GeoPackage MUST NOT contain non-updateable views, or at least they cannot be included in the standard  gpkg_contents and gpkg_geometry_columns tables but used only through some extension?

Writable views in SQLite are not too simple to create, see for example https://www.gaia-gis.it/fossil/libspatialite/wiki?name=writable-view
However, even read-only views could be very handy from the users and data providers point of view :).

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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