[gdal-dev] WCS 2.0, getting (multidimensional) data

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 06:59:05 PST 2017

Peter Baumann kirjoitti 07.11.2017 klo 16:29:
> Ari-
> On 11/07/2017 09:56 AM, Ari Jolma wrote:
>> To get multidimensional data into GDAL 2D domain, one may need to slice the
>> data at some point in the non x/y dimensions. I'm testing this with the
>> Rasdaman server. My code currently creates a KVP
>> "SUBSET=unix(2008-01-08T00:02:58.000Z)" in an attempt to slice the time
>> dimension. The whole test URL is
>> http://ows.rasdaman.org/rasdaman/ows?SERVICE=WCS&REQUEST=GetCoverage&VERSION=2.0.1&COVERAGEID=test_irr_cube_2&FORMAT=application%2Foctet-stream&SUBSET=E(75042.7273594,95042.7273593873)&SUBSET=N(5434865.55794,5454865.55794)&SUBSET=unix(2008-01-08T00:02:58.000Z)&RANGESUBSET=b1
>> which replies
>> Trimming subset in WCS must follow this syntax 'lowerBound,upperBound', given
>> '2008-01-08T00:02:58.000Z'.
> did you try putting the time string in double quotes? As the string can have any
> syntax it needs to be escaped.

ok, thanks, that works.


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