[gdal-dev] WCS GetCoverage with AxisOrder swap

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 04:50:54 PST 2017

Ari Jolma kirjoitti 08.11.2017 klo 13:48:
>  for MapServer and GeoServer I need to have at least two hack options 
> (NoOffsetSwap and NoGridEnvelopeSwap, maybe there could be only one). 
> I have not yet checked if the rasters returned from those two are ok.

The rasters that those servers return are ok. I just need the one 
additional hack option for GeoServer to swap the axis names for the 
GetCoverage request.

I also don't need to use the GridFunction information.

BTW, it seems that GDAL driver options are usually all upcase. Is that 
just a convention, and could it perhaps be violated? The reason for 
options like "PreferredFormat=xxx" for the WCS driver (instead of 
"PREFERREDFORMAT=xxx") is that 'PreferredFormat' is the name of the 
element in the WCS_GDAL XML. My approach in the new WCS driver is to use 
options to set values in the WCS_GDAL XML since that XML file is in the 
cache and meant to be maintained by the driver.


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