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Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon Mar 19 06:25:07 PDT 2018


Adding gdal-dev into the loop to get more feedback.

I actually discussed about that with Howard yesterday, and he suggested an 
even easier and least-effort solution. Do we actually need to migrate the 
existing Trac ticket database to github ?

If not, we could just freeze Trac as read-only and decide that we just open 
the github repo for tickets...
What would be nice to do is to rewrite a bit the git history of the current 
mirror so that commit messages like "Fix blabla (fixes #1234)" as rewritten as 
"Fix blabla (fixes https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/ticket/1234)"

A more complicated version of the above is that we would migrate only the open 
Trac tickets to github (so < 600 instead of 6000). And we would add in each 
open Trac ticket a message like "This ticket has been migated to https://
github.com/OSGeo/gdal/issue/4567", and close it. But that requires still some 
migration effort and deal with github API.
A simpler variant of the above would be just close all those open tickets, 
assigning them to some milestone "closed-before-github-migration" with a 
message "Issue reporting has now been migrated to https://github.com/OSGeo/
gdal/issues. If that issue is still valid, please file a ticket over there". 
That can be done simply in a few seconds from Trac UI with a "batch modifiy" 

So to sum up my thoughts would be to:
1) Rewrite the github history (still need to figure out how to automate that) 
to fix references to Trac ticket, and force-push the result to github.com/
OSGeo/gdal. Note: that would invalidate current forks, so people with active 
work would probably have to rebase or to export as a patch and re-apply on top 
of updated Git repository.
2) Open github for filing tickets
3) Close all Trac tickets with assignment to a "closed-before-github-
migration" milestone, and a message "Issue reporting has now been migrated to 
4) Remove TICKET_CREATE rights to authenticated users of Trac

Does that sound good ?


On lundi 19 mars 2018 11:48:15 CET Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Hi Even,
> I've just pushed some basic stab at exporting Trac to GitHub
> which I started prototyping in the beginning of October last year
> https://github.com/mloskot/trac-to-github
> In October, Paul Ramsey released his bunch of scripts
> https://github.com/pramsey/postgis-to-github/
> which, I think, cover the procedure more completely
> and it's also based on GitHub API.
> Shortly, instead of continue my development, Paul's solution may be
> the way to go.
> I haven't tried to run Paul's scripts, so I don't know what technically
> is stopping the PostGIS migration, if anything.
> Generally, I think GitHub API approach is the way to go.
> Annoyingly, the rate limits seem to lead to strange issues that I
> experienced (eg. adding or adding 30 labels, some are left over).
> This confirms what Thomas Bonfort was warning about and suggesting
> to reach out to GitHub support stating you are running a batch import.
> I don't if Paul reached to GitHub support before performing PostGIS test
> import https://github.com/pramsey/postgis-gh/issues
> but it looks that a few thousands of tickets made it through.
> I've taken the liberty to CC to Paul perhaps he could shed more light.
> Best regards,

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