[gdal-dev] Inserting PDF image to geoPDF

Jane Wang jane at fybr.ca
Tue Jun 11 09:40:22 PDT 2019

Dear gdal-dev team,

I am attempting to insert a (non-georeferenced) PDF image containing map
legend and company logo using -co EXTRA_IMAGES=legend.pdf for my
gdal_translate -of PDF command.

However, in my output geoPDF document, the legend.pdf image has been
rasterised which is not desired. I wonder if there is a work-around for
this, or if I am not doing it correctly?

I am able to output the legend containing some text and geometric shapes
into other vector formats. i.e. .svg but it did not make a difference on
the map output.

Thank you very much, please let me know if I can provide additional
information / documents.

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