[gdal-dev] GDAL3.0.0 ogr2ogr and ogrinfo on Windows

Jonathan Lake-Thomas jonathanlakethomas at astuntechnology.com
Thu Jun 13 06:26:48 PDT 2019

We've been using the windows builds from the gisinternals.com site for a
while now. For ease of access from our application we used to place the
executables and libraries in a single folder. This seemed to work OK and we
only needed a setting for the path to this folder and the gdal-data folder.

Starting with GDAL 3.0.0, it now seems necessary to also specify a PROJ_LIB
path and also add the path of the common components such as gdal300.dll to
the path, this is in addition to the path to the ogr2ogr and ogrinfo
executables. We found that placing everything in the same folder, as we had
done previously, was causing a problem with ogrinfo. ogrinfo does not seem
to write to standard output correctly when placed in the same folder as the
common components.

Would anyone be able to comment as to whether this behaviour in GDAL 3.0.0
is expected?

Many thanks.

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