[gdal-dev] Failure to convert to Airy

Joaquim Manuel Freire Luís jluis at ualg.pt
Mon Jun 17 10:14:21 PDT 2019

Well, I call it via GMT but that test is in GMT for a while and it used to pass.

Anyway, I'll have to investigate this further because I rebuilt GDAL and now the gdaltransform works, but when I call it from GMT is still fails.

The code is


and a quick debug shows that the failure occurs the second time that function is called. For some reason that I don't remember right now, I have to call it twice.

(I've to go now for > 1 hour, so won't be able to reply in case of)

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|>> used to work before the GDAL3+PROJ6 combo.
|>That would be surprising: with GDAL 2.4 and PROJ < 6, you also get an error,
|>but with a different message:
|>$ gdalinfo --version
|>GDAL 2.4.1, released 2019/03/15
|>$ echo 4.897 52.371 | \
|>	gdaltransform -s_srs +proj=longlat -t_srs "+proj=airy +wktext"
|>ERROR 6: Failed to initialize PROJ pipeline from `+proj=airy +wktext' to `
|>+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +no_defs': malformed pipeline
|>328249.00331295 4987937.10144727 0
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