[gdal-dev] ogr2ogr MVT use of CONF parameter

Giorgio Ghiggini gghiggini at gec-it.com
Wed Jun 19 05:41:09 PDT 2019

thanks a lot

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> ogr2ogr -F MVT test6.mbtiles 8-0.0-55.0.sqlite -dsco CONF=conf.json 

Actually currently, the CONF option only accepts a JSon string, not a
So currently, you should provide inline, with proper escaping.
Something like that (but not completely sure of escaping rules in windows

-dsco CONF="{ \"poly\": { \"target_name\": \"mypoly\" } }"

That said, I've just added support for accepting a filename as well (in
master and backported to 3.0 branch), since that is completely reasonable as
an expectation.


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