[gdal-dev] kml file with line length too long

Joaquim Manuel Freire Luís jluis at ualg.pt
Fri Jun 28 09:32:11 PDT 2019

|>Nothing strikes me as obviously wrong (just missing CPLFree() on pszWKT and
|>pszProj4, but that's not the cause of your issue).
|>You'll have to use your favorite debugging tool: gdb, valgrind ...

I'm afraid that I'm unable to pass this point for the time being. I land in ogrspatialreference#L1409

const char* pszWKT = proj_as_wkt(
        d->getPROJContext(), d->m_pj_crs,
        wktFormat, aosOptions.List());

with a vague "Exception Trown" and don't manage to step in proj_as_wkt(). I have now a pro debug but it created no .pdb file

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