[gdal-dev] gdalwarp, by reading .RPB file

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Wed Jan 15 05:20:40 PST 2020


> I was trying to orthorectify World View 4 raster image using the gdalwarp.
> I used '-rpc' with the input of DEM file.
> However, I am wondering whether this method of orthorectification is making
> use of the ".RBP" file data available with the World View image OR is it
> just warping with the input DEM file without reading the ".RPB" file
> contents? How can I make it read the ".RPB" file during
> gdalwarp/orthorectification?

When you use -rpc, if there is no RPC information available, an error would be 
"""ERROR 1: Unable to compute a RPC based transformation between pixel/line 
and georeferenced coordinates for ....."""

So as you don't get one, you can assume the .RPB is used.

You can also look at the output of gdalinfo on your input image, and you 
should show a "RPC Metadata" section


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