[gdal-dev] Segmentation fault on BuildOverviews

Jon Morris Jon.Morris at jbarisk.com
Mon Jun 8 01:25:20 PDT 2020

Hello all,

I think I've found an edge case in gdal.Dataset.BuildOverviews. I'm using GDAL 3.0.4 and have found that some of our BuildOverviews tests were crashing out with a seg fault. On investigation, it seems to be when COMPRESS_OVERVIEW is set to LZW, the height is greater than the width, and the overview list is long enough that we will end up with some 1x1 overviews. Here is a code snippet that reproduces the crash.

from osgeo import gdal

gdal.SetConfigOption('COMPRESS_OVERVIEW', 'LZW')

temp_path = '/tmp/test.tif'
drv = gdal.GetDriverByName('GTiff')
raster_ds = drv.Create(temp_path, 5, 6, 1, gdal.GDT_Int16)
del raster_ds

tif = gdal.OpenEx(temp_path, gdal.GA_ReadOnly)
tif.BuildOverviews('nearest', overviewlist=[2, 4, 8])

The data type doesn't seem to matter (I've also tried Float32), but it seems that the raster dimensions are important. I couldn't get it to fail if the width was equal to or greater than the height.



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