[gdal-dev] Help request for data alignment issue

Jessica Evans Jessica.Evans at jbarisk.com
Wed Jun 17 04:42:02 PDT 2020


Wondering if anyone can help.

I am currently trying to use osgeo gdal.Warp to resample and reproject a GeoTiff (from EPSG:26916 NAD83 / UTM zone 16N to EPSG:102008 North America Albers), but also to get the data to align with other data that has been processed using ArcGIS.

I can get the data to align if I first translate the GeoTiff, setting "GEOTIFF_KEYS_FLAVOR"="ESRI_PE" creation option and create a new file, then run the warp operation on this new file.

What is the best way to force the alignment with ArcGIS data without creating this intermediate file? This will need to be run on files that are several tens of GBs in size, so I want to avoid making lots of copies of huge files.

I have tried going via a VRT, but the GEOTIFF_KEYS_FLAVOR option is only available for GeoTiffs. I've also tried using gdal_edit to manually edit the projection WKT in place and then pass that through gdalwarp, but this does not align the data. Editing the projection WKT with gdal_translate to create a new tiff for the warp operation seems to work just fine, but like I said I'd like to avoid creating new file because of their size.

I realise the most obvious answer is not to use ArcGIS, but that isn't an option for us at the moment.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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