[gdal-dev] netcdf station time-series

Bekaert, David (334H) david.bekaert at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jun 18 19:49:34 PDT 2020

Dear GDAL developers,

We would like to combine GPS  time-series from various stations (irregular spaced), for which we were considering storing it  as a netcdf time-series product.
Is there GDAL functionality we could leverage for spatial and temporal subsetting of this station netcdf time-series product?
There seems to be support for temporal raster time-series in GDAL: https://gdal.org/programs/gdalmdimtranslate.html#gdalmdimtranslate

Alternatively, would you recommend a different formatting structure for the GPS time-series which allows us to leverage GDAL capabilities?

Thank you in advance,

David Bekaert

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