[gdal-dev] Using ReadXMLToList with debian's package

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon Jun 22 12:17:38 PDT 2020


> I am using the "ReadXMLToList" method from the "GDALMDReaderBase" class[1].
> In my development environment (with GDAL compiled by myself), it works
> perfectly. But when want to compile my application on debian using the
> package libgdal-dev[2], the linker can't find the symbols related to the
> "GDALMDReaderBase" class. Do you know why "libgdal.so" from debian's package
> doesn't contain all the symbols ?

It uses the --with-hide-internal-symbols switch to avoid exporting non-public symbols, such as 
the ones of GDALMDReaderBase, which is an implementation detail of GDAL

> Don't you think that "ReadXMLToList",
> which is a static method, 

(it isn't actually a static method) As far as I can see, you can get the result of the parsing of 
those XML side-car files, mainly in the "IMD" metadata domain of the dataset


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