[gdal-dev] Problems loading swedish climate data to PostGIS

Thiemo Kellner thiemo at gelassene-pferde.biz
Tue Jun 23 16:56:45 PDT 2020

  Hei Bo

Well, I is just a project for myself so I made sverige superuser. :o)

Well again, I have on both ports PostGIS running but the 6543 has much  
much more space. 5432 is on a small SSD so  I moved from it to an  
externel HDD.

As mentionned in the previous post, Thomas was right. I copied options  
from the documentation PDF and unfortunately there it was not a dash.  
So fixing this, made it run perfectly well.

Takker for hjelp.

Hjertelig hilsen


Quoting Bo Victor Thomsen <bo.victor.thomsen at gmail.com>:

> Thimo -
>   The ogr2ogr command from your reply contains an factual error:
>   thiemo @ thiemos-toshi /mnt/schweden % ogr2ogr –f "PostgreSQL"  
> -overwrite –progress --config PG_USE_COPY YES  
> PG:"host='/var/run/postgresql' port='5432' dbname='sverige'  
> user='sverige'" SCID_v4.0.gdb
>   should be:
>   thiemo @ thiemos-toshi /mnt/schweden % ogr2ogr –f "PostgreSQL"  
> -overwrite –progress --config PG_USE_COPY YES  
> PG:"host='/var/run/postgresql' PORT='6543' dbname='sverige'  
> user='sverige'" SCID_v4.0.gdb
>   Anther question: Has the postgresql user 'sverige' the necessary   
> write/create rights to the database / schema ?
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