[gdal-dev] Error while opeing Dataset

NSquare technonsquare at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 03:45:51 PDT 2020

Hi Folks,

I am trying to explore GDAL raster APIs for reading i_3001a.ntf. I have
installed GDAL using miniconda on Ubuntu 18.04 and referring to the Raster
API tutorial open sample file downloaded from here

Below is the code snippet I have written to open the file,

        GDALDataset *poDataset;


    poDataset =

    if (poDataset == nullptr)


        cout << "Couldn't open i_3001a.ntf file" << endl;


On running this code getting below error,

*proj_context_get_database_path: Open of
/home/nishant/miniconda3/share/proj failed*

Am I missing any step? Please suggest.

Kind Regards,
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