[gdal-dev] Problems with latest pdfium

Joaquim Manuel Freire Luís jluis at ualg.pt
Mon Jun 29 05:49:51 PDT 2020

Even, I would try it but I'm not being able to build pdfium. I get python errors such

________ running 'vpython.bat pdfium/tools/clang/scripts/update.py' in 'C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium'
Downloading https://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/chromium-browser-clang/Win/clang-371202-8455294f-1.tgz .......... Done.
Copying C:\Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/2017/Community\DIA SDK\bin\amd64\msdia140.dll to C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium\pdfium\third_party\llvm-build\Release+Asserts\bin
Running hooks: 100% (16/16), done.
        1 file(s) copied.
  File "C:\programs\WPy64-3.7.2\python-3.7.2.amd64\lib\site.py", line 177
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
ninja: error: loading 'build.ninja': The system cannot find the file specified.

ninja: Entering directory `out\Release'
A subdirectory or file C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium\install already exists.
A subdirectory or file C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium\install\include\pdfium already exists.
A subdirectory or file C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium\install\include\pdfium\public already exists.

The build continues but ends with (before It had several "already exists")

       18 file(s) copied.
A subdirectory or file C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium\install\include\pdfium\third_party\base\numerics already exists.
        5 file(s) copied.
A subdirectory or file C:\programs\compa_libs\PDFium\install\lib already exists.
The system cannot find the path specified.

From: Even Rouault <even.rouault at spatialys.com>
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 1:18 PM
To: Joaquim Manuel Freire Luís <jluis at ualg.pt>
Cc: gdal-dev at lists.osgeo.org; William Kyngesburye <kyngchaos at kyngchaos.com>
Subject: Re: [gdal-dev] Problems with latest pdfium


> I tried to build with your pdfium.lib but got these linking errors.

It seems they are due to your GDAL build also linking against openjp2.lib, and pdfium.lib being linked against its internal copy of openjp2. I don't remember how I tested this. Perhaps this was with a GDAL build without openjp2. Or maybe when building the PDF driver as a plugin the error doesn't show up. I guess you could modify the pdfium build scripts to build against an external openjp2 lib.



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