[gdal-dev] S-57 driver Generic attribute DSNM

Andreas Oxenstierna ao at t-kartor.se
Sun May 3 00:39:44 PDT 2020


I have not checked the GDAL implementation but DSNM is an unneccessary 
addition to the S57 spec to generate a (potential unique) GUID.
S57 spec has no GUID definition, IDs needs only be to unique inside a 
dataset/ENC cell.

DSNM belongs to the dataset-wide DSID fields, see 6.3.2 in 

> Hello,
> After reading this documentation concerning the S-57 driver :
> https://gdal.org/drivers/vector/s57.html
> I thought the attribute DSNM ( Dataset name) should be defined on all features, no ?
> But on the source code, the method S57GenerateStandardAttributes (s57featuredefns.cpp) always attaches theses standard feature attributes :
> GRUP, OBJL, RVER, AGEN, FIDN, FIDS but there is no mention of the DSNM attribute.
> Is it a mistake in the documentation? In the code? Or just a misunderstanding on my side?
> Thank you for your clarification,
> -- loïc
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