[gdal-dev] Python/Java GDAL - How to estimate the geo coordinates and width / height without warping dataset?

Pham Huu Bang a09550 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 08:58:49 PDT 2020


I have a Sentinel 2 in UTM32 with these metadata from gdalinfo:

Size is 1830, 1830
Pixel Size = (60.000000000000000,-60.000000000000000)
Lower Left  (  600000.000, 5790240.000)
Upper Left  (  600000.000, 5900040.000)

How can I have these same metadata* by GDAL Python/Java binding* but in
EPSG:4326, given Pixel Size = (0.000700000000000,-0.000700000000000) *without
running gdalwarp*?

Because, the input file can be big and I don't need the reprojected file,
just need these metadata in EPSG:4326, for example:

Size is 2395, 1454
Lower Left  (  10.4649804,  52.2224083)
Upper Left  (  10.4649804,  53.2402083)

I've tried to find some method, but this one only exist in C++ (

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