[gdal-dev] DEM handling in GDAL

Cédric Traizet cedric.traizet at csgroup.eu
Mon May 25 07:22:15 PDT 2020

Hi all,

I am trying to use the GDAL C++ API to read and use DEMs. Is it possible ?

In GDAL source code, in alg/gdal_rpc.cpp, there are several functions 
for DEM handling (e.g. GDALRPCGetHeigthAtLongLat that supports several 
resampling methods, GDALRPCOpenDEM). These functions are used internally 
by the RPC algorithms. However, these DEM processing functions are not 
exposed in GDAL API (only the rpc functions are). Is there a reason for 
this ? These functions could be useful in other applications than rpc 
transformations !

Kind regards,


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