[gdal-dev] DEM handling in GDAL

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon May 25 07:30:53 PDT 2020

On lundi 25 mai 2020 16:22:15 CEST C├ędric Traizet wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to use the GDAL C++ API to read and use DEMs. Is it possible ?
> In GDAL source code, in alg/gdal_rpc.cpp, there are several functions
> for DEM handling (e.g. GDALRPCGetHeigthAtLongLat that supports several
> resampling methods, GDALRPCOpenDEM). These functions are used internally
> by the RPC algorithms. However, these DEM processing functions are not
> exposed in GDAL API (only the rpc functions are). Is there a reason for
> this ? These functions could be useful in other applications than rpc
> transformations !

Those routines are DEM specific usages for the RPC transformer. They are implementation 

But if you just need to extract elevation values from a DEM, this is exactly the same as 
reading pixel values from a generic raster.
Look at https://gdal.org/tutorials/raster_api_tut.html or any documentation related to 
reading raster in GDAL.


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