[gdal-dev] C#: How to generate pbf file from bytes array for Vector Tiles Service

rmaddu rajeshreddy82 at gmail.com
Tue May 26 05:45:28 PDT 2020


Below is the C# code snippet. How to generate pbf file from bytes data? Is
this the correct way or any other way to return to client?

string filePath = string.Format(@"/vsimem/mvt-{0}/{1}/{2}/{3}.pbf",
uniqueUUID, 18, 66027, 96262);
var bufPtr = Gdal.VSIFOpenL(filePath, "rb");
      if (bufPtr != null)
        Gdal.VSIFSeekL(bufPtr, 0, 2); // seek to end
        var contentSize = Gdal.VSIFTellL(bufPtr);        
        Gdal.VSIFSeekL(bufPtr, 0, 0); // seek to beginning 
        byte[] data = new byte[contentSize];
        Marshal.Copy(bufPtr, data, 0, contentSize);


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