[gdal-dev] Binaries of GDAL JNI

Dirk Stenger stenger at lat-lon.de
Tue May 26 05:39:02 PDT 2020

Hi all,

We are using GDAL in Java applications via JNI.

For that, we install GDAL JNI on Ubuntu or Debian by using package

However, the number of available GDAL JNI versions is limited to one.
Thus, it is not possible to install an old GDAL + GDAL JNI version (e.g.
2.4) on the current release of Ubuntu.

We also had problems to install GDAL JNI on other Linux distributions
not providing package "libgdal-java".

Is there any place where we can download binaries of current and older
versions of GDAL JNI like it is possible for GDAL itself
Does anyone have similar problems?

Kind regards,

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