[gdal-dev] Complexity of algorithms

Zachary D├ęziel Zachary.Deziel at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Sep 2 09:50:07 PDT 2020

Hi all,

Sorry for disturbing and I hope I am passing through the right channel for my question. If not, please feel free to redirect me!

I have been searching in the documentation and elsewhere for information regarding the time complexity of the algorithms of GDAL/OGR. More precisely around the classic operations on point, line and polygon data structures (buffer, intersect, etc). I have not found any mention of complexity in the documentation. Is there some hidden documentation gem somewhere that covers the time and/or memory complexity of the algorithms? If no such documentation exists, are there reasons for it not existing? Is it simply a matter of not being a priority in the development cycle?

Sorry for the compact and numerous questions, if you have any interest in the subject please reach out.



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