[gdal-dev] Serve COG images - GEE & Google Cloud Storage

Arun Govind arun.usask at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 14:54:54 PDT 2020

In this article, I came across about servicing rasters on AWS S3:
, https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2015-October/042975.html

I am trying to see if something similar exists for Google? I'm exporting
COG from Google Earth Engine (GEE) to a Google Cloud Storage bucket in the
hopes to access and serve it with other layers using GeoServer or create
tile map services. I've many dates and many products (true color, false
color, ndvi) for many sites. So I'm not sure what's the best way to serve
them. I tried researching online, asking in StackExchange, GeoServer and
GEE forums and reaching out to a few people, but I couldn't get specific
info... Most info is on AWS and S3...

My requirement is to somehow get the images of "GEE to bucket" exported
images into Openlayers (web mapping) and JavaScript (frontend). GEE can
export to my Drive or a GCP bucket. So serving from GEE to GCP to S3 means
some download, unzip, zip and upload - so more time consuming and manual
steps. In my experience, AWS was costly (as my EC2 runs all the time) than
a VPS server...

I'll appreciate your help. Thank you!
Sincerely yours,

*Arun Govind, PhD*
*Email*: arun.govind at usask.ca
*Ph*: +16394714525
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