[gdal-dev] Serve COG images - GEE & Google Cloud Storage

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Not sure this completely answer your question, but GDAL has gained a
Google Cloud Storage virtual file system handler similar
to the AWS S3 one since the post you mention.
See https://gdal.org/user/virtual_file_systems.html#vsigs-google-cloud-storage-files


> Hi
> In this article, I came across about servicing rasters on AWS S3:
> https://www.azavea.com/blog/2019/04/23/using-cloud-optimized-geotiffs-cogs/
> , https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2015-October/042975.html
> I am trying to see if something similar exists for Google? I'm exporting
> COG from Google Earth Engine (GEE) to a Google Cloud Storage bucket in the
> hopes to access and serve it with other layers using GeoServer or create
> tile map services. I've many dates and many products (true color, false
> color, ndvi) for many sites. So I'm not sure what's the best way to serve
> them. I tried researching online, asking in StackExchange, GeoServer and
> GEE forums and reaching out to a few people, but I couldn't get specific
> info... Most info is on AWS and S3...
> My requirement is to somehow get the images of "GEE to bucket" exported
> images into Openlayers (web mapping) and JavaScript (frontend). GEE can
> export to my Drive or a GCP bucket. So serving from GEE to GCP to S3 means
> some download, unzip, zip and upload - so more time consuming and manual
> steps. In my experience, AWS was costly (as my EC2 runs all the time) than
> a VPS server...
> I'll appreciate your help. Thank you!

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