[gdal-dev] Serving COGs from GCP bucket to Openlayers

Arun Govind arun.usask at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 16:01:58 PDT 2020

I need advice on what is the best approach I should take? I'm not an expert
in web mapping or its technologies and I'm trying to figure things as I

I've several time-series (for an image date many types like true color,
false color, ndvi, etc.) COG imagery files in Google Cloud buckets (unique;
1 bucket per user AOI) and so ideally I'll have several buckets. I want to
serve these images using Openlayers (web mapping) and JavaScript
(frontend), and the backend is GeoServer on a VPS Linux server.
A Google developer advised "you can use mapproxy and make it serve off of
tiled image URLs that look like this:
Other options suggested include: VRT with GDAL VSIGS, or tile index.

Each COG image is 1 to 10 MB and few years for user AOI will be 1 to 10 GB.
Obviously, if there are 100 or 1000 user AOIs, the total file size will be
in few TBs. A user will have access or can view only images for their AOI.
Some COG are 32 bit float while others are 8 bit.

I am getting lost with all the options and wondering if you can please help
me narrow it down? I'll appreciate your help. Thanks.
Sincerely yours,
*Arun Govind*
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