[gdal-dev] help request about WarpRegionToBuffer

Maud Ferrato maud.ferrato at artal.fr
Wed Sep 23 00:21:05 PDT 2020

Dear GDAL community

I'm currently working with gdal api C/C++ and I'm facing an issue with gdal warp region to buffer functionality (WarpRegionToBuffer).

When my destination dataset is not strictly contained in the frame of my source dataset, the area where there should be no data values is filled with random data (see out_code.tif enclosed). However gdalwarp command line functionality, which also uses WarpRegionToBuffer function, does not seem to have this problem.

I enclose to my email warp_tiling.cpp a sample of our code

Can you please help us find what is wrong with our use of GDAL C/C++ API  in order to have a similar behaviour as gdalwarp command line? There is probably an algorithm in gdalwarp that computes a mask of useful pixels in destination frame before calling WarpRegionToBuffer, but we didn't find it.
I would really appreciate help on this problem!

Best regards,

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