[gdal-dev] Elasticsearch arrays

Lewis Clark lclark at genasys.com
Tue Sep 29 00:26:08 PDT 2020

In my Elasticsearch index I have an array of locations that I can't seem to access with OGR.

In the following example I can see my geopoint "lkl" but not "locations.geometry".
Anything I'm missing here?

      "email":"xxx at yyy.com<mailto:xxx at yyy.com>",


ogrinfo  ES:http://localhost:9200 -sql 'select * from targets'

  _id (String) = uVIWaHQBsLn3fGwYUuv-
  email (String) = xxx at yyy.com<mailto:xxx at yyy.com>
  number (String) = 123456778
 lkl = POINT (144.963844299054 -37.8128828306783)

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