[gdal-dev] Renaming of GDAL Advisory Board

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Fri Jun 4 13:21:49 PDT 2021


-Jukka Rahkonen-

Even Rouault-2 wrote
> Hi,
> We just had a meeting with NumFOCUS staff, and they suggested we should 
> rename the GDAL Advisory Board to something else. The issue is with the 
> Board term which is a legal term and may implicate that it is a deciding 
> body, which it is not. They suggested Council, Committee, as potential 
> alternatives. As committee is already used for the PSC, I think "GDAL 
> Advisory Council" could be a good fit.
> If there's no opposition to this, I'll change all references to it on 
> the GDAL website (RFC 80, sponsorship prospectus), and ask for the 
> related mailing list to be renamed/recreated.
> Other news: the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement document, which will make 
> us officialy a NumFOCUS sponsored project, is now in the signing loop.
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