[gdal-dev] ALPHA and PHOTOMETRIC options in TIFF

Javier Jimenez Shaw j1 at jimenezshaw.com
Sat Jun 5 01:24:19 PDT 2021


I am struggling to save my data in (Geo)TIFF files with the proper creation
My data is not standard RGB(A), but a collection of bands like red, green,
(not necessarily blue), another type of red, near infrared, etc, and Alpha.
It can be uint8, uint16 or float.

I was using PHOTOMETRIC=MINISBLACK and ALPHA=YES, but now I am not sure if
this is the proper configuration. In addition to that, I am setting a
ColorInterpretation to the bands (many bands as GCI_Undefined, like for
Near Infrared. The alpha band is clear as GCI_AlphaBand).

The "extra samples" is obscure to me, I do not know how many bands expects,
and how many are "extra". (

TIFF says "There is no default for PhotometricInterpretation, and it is
required. Do not rely on applications defaulting to what you want." in

How should I create my TIFFs?

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