[gdal-dev] gdaladdo bigtiff err but --config BIGTIFF was used

Andrew C Aitchison andrew at aitchison.me.uk
Mon Jun 28 01:33:00 PDT 2021

On Mon, 14 Jun 2021, Matt.Wilkie at yukon.ca wrote:

>> Your initial test.tif file needs to be a bigtiff, i.e. have been
>> created with -co "BIGTIFF=YES". you can then drop the bigtiff
>> config arguments of your gdaladdo call.
> Ahh, thanks Thomas, that indeed is the problem.
> Unfortunately for me it means in this case I'm stuck,
> as the original is jpeg-tiff and I don't want to pay the penalty
> of another decompress-recompress cycle to change to big tiff.
> However at least I know what's going on now.

The description at http://bigtiff.org strongly suggests that
you can convert a tiff to a bigtiff without decompressing.
I do not have a pointer to code or an application (beyond
the BigTIFF version of libtiff) but some of the people named
as involved with the design are on this list.

Andrew C. Aitchison					Kendal, UK
 			andrew at aitchison.me.uk

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