[gdal-dev] GDAL /vsistdin/ 1MB limit

Mon May 3 22:04:22 PDT 2021

Hi there, 

I've got a PDF geo-referencing implementation in place which makes use of
the gdal_translate utility.  Recently I've been testing out and
implementation to read in the input content from standard input stream using
the  /vsistdin/ handler.  

According to the documentation for /vsistdin/ handler -  "Full seek in the
first MB of a file is possible" and I've encountered the following error(s)
when the content I've attempted to pipe in is greater than 1MB. 

ERROR 6: Seek(SEEK_END) unsupported on /vsistdin when stdin > 1 MB
ERROR 6: backward Seek() unsupported on /vsistdin above first MB

Would this be a hard limit of 1MB placed the content size which can be piped
in via /vsistdin/(the source code and the error message suggests it migh me)
or  can it be configured? Has anyone encountered this before? 

Any suggestions will be appreciated


Platform: Windows 64-bit
Version: GDAL 2.4.4, released 2020/01/08 sourced from

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