[gdal-dev] Motion: adopt RFC 81: support for coordinate epochs in geospatial formats

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri May 14 05:31:45 PDT 2021

> Personally I like that data and metadata are kept in the same file. But if
> it feels bad, could it be an option to use a sidecar file ".aux.xml" for the
> single file / single layer formats like GeoJSON?

On the raster side, drivers that derive from GDALPamDataset, that is 
most (in particular JPEG, PNG), etc will automatically benefit from the 
added serialization of the coordinateEpoch in the SRS element of the 
.aux.xml file.

On the vector side, we have no such general infrastructure, so that 
isn't possible currently.


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