[gdal-dev] Java bindings on debian

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Wed Sep 1 07:46:40 PDT 2021

Le 01/09/2021 à 16:40, Lorenzo Di Giacomo a écrit :
> Hi, i saw that Debian now has GDAL 3.2.2 available.
> I can install it and also the python3 bindings, but they doesn't have 
> the java bindings.
> I download GDAL-3.2.2 and do "./configure", then "make" and later i go 
> on "/swig/java" and do "make" but i get:
> *cannot find the library '/gdal-3.2.2/libgdal.la <http://libgdal.la>' 
> or unhandled argument '/gdal-3.2.2/libgdal.la <http://libgdal.la>'
> *
> How can i get libgdal.la <http://libgdal.la>?
> I must build GDAL from the source in order to have java bindings? Can 
> i only build from the sources the bindings? Thanks
Yes you'll have to build the native lib from the sources. You could 
potentially make the Java bindings build against the installed native 
lib, but that would require tweaking the build recipees

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