[gdal-dev] test failures on pkgsrc build of 3.3.2rc3

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Sep 1 09:27:10 PDT 2021

This message is not a request to hold 3.3.2.  At this point, I don't
have any basis to believe that there's anything wrong with gdal, and I
haven't previously run the tests.

Thanks to Robert and Even for explaining about the test infrastructure.
I've addressed a few things
 - packaging pytest-env
 - work around tests possibly failing due to stale files by manual cleaning
   (but that appears not to make any difference)
 - temporarily removed the ogr_mitab test that leads to a python crash
   which aborts the entire test run

and now have a test run that shows:

  = 312 failed, 6939 passed, 1489 skipped, 2 xfailed, 2 warnings in 746.96s (0:12:26) =

which seems quite good overall.

Note that this my gdal was built with proj 6.3.2, partly old to avoid a
version with removed interfaces that other software needs, and partly
because I haven't gotten to dealing (in packaging) with the new proj
data layout.  As I understand it, though, that's a supported version for
gdal, and the gdal build succeeds.  I suspect if this does matter, it's
only for a few tests.

pkgsrc build log (showing configue output), driver list (from ogrinfo
failure), and test output at:


Looking into the avc failure, I find

$ ogrinfo ogr/data/avc/testavc/testavc/
INFO: Open of `ogr/data/avc/testavc/testavc/'
      using driver `AVCBin' successful.
1: ARC (Line String)
2: LAB (Point)

But if I leave off the trailing / I get a failure to find a driver.  A
trailing slash on a directrory name seems odd to me, and usually the
result of completion.  I don't know if the slash mattering is right or
not and if it relates the test problems, but I see in the logs:

        avc_ds = ogr.Open('data/avc/testavc/testavc')
>       assert avc_ds.GetLayer(0).GetSpatialRef() is not None, 'expected SRS'
E       AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'GetLayer'

where the open does not have  trailing slash.

I do see AVCBin in my list of drivers.

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