[gdal-dev] read ESRIJSON with ogr2ogr

Hugh Kelley hghklly at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 10:30:02 PDT 2021

Hi all,

I'd like to load some data directly from an arcgis REST feature service
using ogr2ogr.

The command that follows collects exactly 5000 features, which i assume is
the server limit mentioned in the ESRIJSON driver documentation

 ogr2ogr "streets.shp" ESRIJSON:"

Reading the documentation though, it sounds as though ogr2ogr should be
paging through the feature service to collect the full set of features,
which ogrinfo says number 10,954.  Setting resultOffeset parameter to 5000
results in a new set of 5000 features. I have a lot of feature services to
pull data from though so I'd like to be able to set ogr2ogr to page through
the full feature set for each service rather than calculating the offsets
and running multiple queries each time.

Thanks for any suggestions.

As a note, in case it makes a difference, I'm using shp here for simplicity
but the actual destination will be a postgres db.
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